Microsoft Dynamics ERP

In order to enhance its function, Microsoft Dynamics ERP has been directed to develop different industrial solutions for different businesses. Our clients are able to deal with their tasks in handy, efficient, and complete ways.
JCOM utilizes these specialized solutions aiming at the needs of different businesses to localize our plannings so that the system will answer the requests from our local clients more precisely.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP's solutions to the subjects appearing in the retail business. Microsoft Dynamics ERP is an integrated ERP solution which can handle problematic issues in the retail business. We offer a full POS and retail management module, and it combines finance, supplier, inventory, warehouse, purchasing, store management, and marketing to provide you with an end-to-end operational administration. Therefore, you will be able to easily help your enterprise and employees as well as improve the operational processes to respond to any incoming problems in the highly competitive market in the present days so that the efficiency on operational administration is going to be fully raised.

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Microsoft Dynamics ERP's solutions to trading businesses can help our clients to handle and respond well to the rapid changes happening in the market. When it comes to Administration on business relationships, suppliers, products, orders, transportation, and finance, JCOM will take advantage of its colorful and successful experiences on conducting specific cases with trading companies to provide you with the best solutions. At the same time, Microsoft Dynamics ERP has the trait of resolving the problems generated from relating different companies, different dollar units, and different languages to your business. It can be applied well on trading businesses which are involved with multiple commercial activities and aspects.

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In our solutions designed for textile businesses, our system will offer you an operational interface which is easy to learn and easy to use while the systematic platform is also easy to develop and maintain as well. Our clients will start to be alerted with the changes in the market right in time and get to know how the market goes precisely. All information relevant with finance, cost, sales, storage, and models will be right in your hand . The PDM (Product Data Management) function among our system is very helpful when it comes to resolving the problems related with managing the life span of your products.

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